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Proposta maglia

Here is the direct experience told by one of our customers who, like many other companies, is facing the crisis from COVID-19 and has decided to rely on e-Showroom to communicate with their customers around the world.

“The COVID pandemic has undermined not only the production and corporate structures during the lockdown but above all it has caused and is still causing enormous damage to our salesmen who are unable to travel and visit customers around the world. With e-Showroom, however, we are able to show new collections, communicate, update and receive orders from agents abroad and regular customers. Not only that: since we sponsored our digital showroom on our website www.o-jersey.com we have been receiving many requests for membership from new customers.

Basically, e-Showroom is helping us a lot to maintain those commercial relationships that otherwise would inevitably be compromised. Thanks e-Showroom!”


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