E - S H O W R O O M


With e-Showroom you can quickly create your digital marketplace, a beautiful catalog that you can share with your partners, an interactive tool to collect orders and do business in a “social” way.

e-Showroom is easy, fast, social.

A must-have tool for companies that want a reserved and exclusive B2B space always available in cloud.
Find out how to use e-Showroom in a few simple clicks.


Create and customize your digital e-Showroom in a few clicks.


Collaborate with your partners to data profiling.


Share products with whoever you want and inform about news.

Do business

Receive orders and inquiries from your private showroom.


App Ready!

Super fast navigation even offline with the “airplane” mode that saves data on the device and allows you to:

► Consult products, orders and customers archives

► Add products to cart and/or favorites

► Send orders and messages

► Register new customers

even with no connectivity at all!

The “Quick Scan” function makes the most of your device’s camera to recognize barcodes and add products to your cart faster.

Contact customers and calculate the route to reach their headquarters, consult and download orders in PDF, chat and comment on the order in real time, receive push notifications on the phone and much more with the new e-Showroom App.

See e-Showroom in action

e-Showroom is suitable for any kind of business. We introduce some demos just to show you how the service works. Click on one of the links below and see e-Showroom in action.

Some direct testimonials from those who use (and love) e-Showroom every day

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Start your digital showroom in cloud, activate the free e-Showroom trial.

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Start your digital showroom in cloud, activate the free e-Showroom trial.