Discover e-Showroom


With e-Showroom you can quickly create your digital showroom, a products catalog beautiful to be seen and shared with your partners, an interactive tool to do business.
Take your company with you!


Customize your Private Showroom,
with name and logo of your company and apply your favorite colors!
Upload HD images and create your product catalog!


From the control panel you decide which products have to be published and what users, including suppliers and agents, can collaborate to profiling data.
Work in Team, Work Social!


Share private information with anyone, among Suppliers, Agents and Customers!!
So you can keep them updated on all news and monitor the interest that arouse your products!


Present your products as they deserve.
All relevant information and tools that your buyers need.
Segments products by categories, types and families
and help customers find what they are looking for right away.
Product page then it will be full of information, buyer can contact you and request an offer or a sample and can zoom in on high-resolution photos.


e-Showroom is a cloud solution with dedicated hosting and domain (es., is your private space, a reserved and shared product catalog a powerful tool to keep informed your partner and improve the image and business of your Company.


Upload, Collaborate, Share
e-Showroom is fast, effective and social
because it is designed to work in teams
with Collaborators and Suppliers.
Upload images and pictures in high resolution,
automatically create your catalog and share it!


Try the service free for one month and at the end you can decide whether to continue to use your digital showroom to a small monthly price.
There are no renewal requirements and you can unsubscribe at any time
with no additional or hidden costs.

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Whatever your activity, e-Showroom is the perfect solution for your Company!

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