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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy explains the practices governing the collection, use and disclosure of certain information, including your personal information, by the group of companies e-Showroom ( “eShowroom”).


For any inquiries regarding your account, please send an email to support@eshowroom.it to contact our Customer Service for support purposes. For any questions regarding this Privacy Policy or to our use of your personal information, cookies and other similar technologies, please contact us by email at: privacy@eshowroom.it.

Alternatively, you can write to the address Skylensoft Group Srl, Via Fabbroni 12, 59100 Prato (PO) Italy, Attention: Privacy.

The data processor of your personal information is Skylensoft Group Srl, which is also your service provider (see the address given above). Also, we note that if contattassi us for assistance, we may ask you to confirm your identity before fulfilling your request, in order to protect your and our security.

Collection of information

We receive and store information about you such as:

  • Information you provide to us, we collect the information you provide to us, including:
    • your name, email address, address or ZIP code, payment method and phone number. We collect this information in various ways, such as when the enter while using our service, when you interact with our customer service or participate in surveys, or marketing promotions; and
    • information collected when you choose to provide reviews or ratings, taste preferences, account settings, when you set your preferences in your account or otherwise provide us information through our service or other locations.
  • Automatically collected informations: We collect information about you and your use of our service, about your interactions with us and with our advertising messages, information about your computer or other devices used to access our service. This information includes:
    • the new activities within the eShowroom service, such as adjustments and published products, the space occupied, browsing history and search made;
    • Details regarding your interactions with customer service, such as date, time and reason for contacting, transcript of any chat conversation, and, should contact us by phone, your phone number;
    • identification codes or unique identifiers of devices, device characteristics and software (such as type and configuration) connection information, statistics on the display of pages, reference url, ad data, IP address and standard information contained in web logs;
    • Information collected through the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies. For further information please refer to the section on cookie information and advertising via the Internet.
  • Informations from other sources: We may supplement the information above with information from other sources, including information obtained from data providers both online and offline. This additional information may include demographic data, data based on the interests and data on browsing behavior on the Internet.

Use of Information

We will use the information gathered to provide, analyze, deliver, improve and personalize our services and marketing efforts, to handle your registration, your orders and payments and to communicate with you on these and other topics. For example we will use the information collected for such purposes as:

  • determining your location, the delivery of localized content, the advice of live works and shows that we think will interest you, the your Internet provider of identification and rapid and efficient response to requests and inquiries;
  • the prevention, detection and investigation of potentially prohibited or illegal activities, including fraud, and the application of our conditions (for example, the determination of eligibility for free trial);
  • analysis and profiling of the public; the improvement of our service (including the user interface experience), the optimization of the service, the selection of content and algorithms for the advice;
  • communications regarding our service (for example, via email, push notifications and SMS) to send you information on eShowroom, details of new features and content available on eShowroom and special offers, promotional messages and surveys among consumers and to provide assistance for operational requirements such as password reset. Please see “Your options” of this Policy for more choice about your data.

Disclosure of informations

We may disclose your information for specific purposes and to third parties, as listed below:

  • The companies of the eShowroom group: We may share your information with the eShowroom group companies, where necessary for the elaboration and data storage; providing you access to our services; provide assistance; make decisions in order to improve service, develop content; and for other purposes specified in section Use of information of this Privacy Policy.
  • Service providers: we can make use of other companies, agents or contractors ( “Service Providers”) to provide services on our behalf or for assistance in providing services in your favor. For example, we use service providers for marketing, advertising, communications, infrastructure and IT services, to customize and optimize our service, to handle transactions with credit cards and other payment methods, for customer service, for the recovery credits, to analyze and develop the data (including data on user interactions with our service) and formulating and conducting consumer surveys. In the performance of their services, these service providers will have access to your personal information or other information. The Service Providers are authorized by us to use or disclose your personal information for the sole purpose of the performance of their services.
  • Promotional offers: We may offer promotions or joint programs in order of your participation, may require you to share your personal information with third parties. In the realization of these promotions, we may share your name and other information required for the granting of the incentive. Please note that the practices of these third parties concerning privacy are not our responsibility.
  • eShowroom protection and others: eShowroom and its service providers will be able to publish and otherwise use your personal data and other information if we or they reasonably believe that such disclosure is necessary in order to (a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, (b) give effect to the terms of use, including investigation of potential violations thereof, (c) identify, prevent or otherwise manage illegal activities or fake (including fraud on means of payment), issues security or technical or (d) protect against damage to the rights, property or safety of eShowroom, its users or the public as required or permitted by law.
  • Departures: in respect of any reorganization, restructuring, merger or other transfer of goods, we reserve the right to transfer information, including personal data, provided that the receiving party agrees to process your personal data in line with our Privacy privacy.

If the information sharing personal data are transferred to countries outside the European Economic Area and other regions that they have legislation on data protection, we will make sure that the information is transferred in accordance with this Privacy Policy and as expected by the applicable regulations on data protection.

You can also choose to disclose your information as follows:

  • eShowroom using the service you will have the opportunity to post reviews or other information accessible to all, and third parties may utiizzare the information you disclosed;
  • in some sections of our service may be available a tool that allows you to share information via email, sms and social applications or other, using the client and applications on your device;
    social plugins (such as those offered by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google) allow you to share information on those platforms.
  • These social plugins and applications are managed by the social networks and are subject to their terms of use and privacy policy.

Access to Your Account and Profiles

To give you the ability to easily access your account and to facilitate the provision of services eShowroom, we adopt a technology that allows us to recognize you as nominee account and provide direct access to your account without the need to re-enter your password or other credentials each time you access the service eShowroom identification. You can choose not to take advantage of this feature on your computer by removing the check mark from the box “Remember me on this computer” when you log in to the site. To remove access to your eShowroom account from your devices: (a) visit “Your Account,” select “Exit from all devices” and follow the instructions to turn off your devices (please note that the deactivation may not be immediate) or (b) cancel the eShowroom settings from your device (the process can vary depending on the device and the option is not available for all devices). Where possible, the users of public or shared devices will exit from your account at the end of each visit. Before you sell or return a computer or compatible device eShowroom, See to sign out of your account and disable the device. If not tutelassi the security of your password or of your device, not effettuassi exit from your account or not disattivassi your device, subsequent users may have access to your account, including your personal information.

If you decide to share or otherwise allow third parties to have access to your account, the same will be able to see your information, including, in some cases, your personal information, such as history, ratings, reviews, and information account (including your email address or other information contained in your account). This may occur even if you use our profiles feature.

The profiles allow the family members to enjoy an experience distinct, customized on eShowroom, based on the preferences of individuals about work and live programs, such as custom and separate histories advice. Please note that the profiles are freely accessible to everyone who has access to your account eShowroom; therefore anyone with access to your account eShowroom can navigate and use, modify or delete any profile. We encourage you to make this the above to anyone with access to your account; if you do not want the same use, or update your profile, taken care to inform them about it.

Your options

If you do not wish to receive further communications from us via email, go to the link “Email Preferences” and remove the check mark from the various voices to unsubscribe or click on the corresponding link in the email. Please note that you can not unsubscribe to certain types of communications from us, for example, messages about your account transactions. You can choose to receive push notifications from eShowroom. If later you decide to want to stop receiving push notifications, you can turn them off using the time setup features of your mobile device.

To exercise your options in relation to common cookies through our website and other types of online tracking and advertising via the Internet, please see our information about cookies and advertising via the Internet (below).

Your rights

You can request access to your personal data or to correct or update data in our possession that are no longer valid or are incorrect. To do so, simply visit the “Your Account” section of our website, where you’ll have the ability to view and update a wide range of information about your account, including your contact information, billing information and other information (such as your preferences, content on which you expressed your reviews and feedbacks) to enter the “your Account” you must have logged in to the site. Please see “Your options” of this Privacy policy for more choice about your data.

You can also request deletion of personal data in our possession that are no longer needed to deliver the service in your favor, for the purpose of billing or accounting or other legal purposes. For this purpose, or for any other question about our practices regarding privacy, please contact us at privacy@eshowroom.it.


eShowroom take all administrative, technical, physical and managerial reasonable in order to protect your personal data from loss, theft or unauthorized access, use or modifications not authorized. Unfortunately no measure is able to ensure the safety to 100%. As a result we are unable to guarantee the security of your personal information.

Other sites, platforms, applications

The service will eShowroom type provided on platforms of third parties or contain links to other sites, whose practices in the area of information management may differ from ours. For example, you could access the eShowroom service through video game consoles, smart TVs, mobile devices, set-top boxes and a variety of other Internet-connected devices. These sites and platforms have rules on the protection of personal data and conditions of use separate and independent, we are advised to read carefully. You will also find third-party applications that interact with the eShowroom service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We will periodically update this Privacy Policy as a result of changes in regulatory requirements, operational and legal. We will give notice of such changes (as of their entry into force) in accordance with law. The use of eShowroom service following the entry into force of such changes will be deemed acceptance thereof. If you did not want to accept the changes to this Privacy Policy, you can cancel your subscription at eShowroom service. To verify the date of the most recent changes to this Privacy Policy, we send you to see the “Last Updated” below.

Cookies and advertising via the Internet

eShowroom and its service providers use cookies and other technologies (such as Web beacons) for a number of reasons. For example, we use cookies and other technologies to allow you easier access to our services, to provide and analyze our services, to acquire information about our users and their interests and to carry out advertising and targeted marketing communications. We want you to be aware that we use these technologies and how and with this statement we explain how they work and what options you have available about their use.

  1. What are cookies? Cookies are small packets of data that are typically stored on your device and when you surf sites and online services you use. Their use is widespread and allows to Internet sites to function or to function more efficiently, in addition to providing information that facilitate the provision of the service and the customization of the advertising messages. Cookies are not the only technology that allows this functionality; eShowroom also uses other types of technologies analoghe.Di Below further information and examples.
  2. Why eShowroom uses cookies? eShowroom and its Service Providers may use the following types of cookies:
    • Essential cookies: these cookies are essential to us and for the provision of online services. For example, we and our Service Providers can use these cookie to confirm the identity of our members when they use our sites and our applications, to provide them with our services. Cookies also help us to apply our Conditions of Use, to prevent fraud and ensure the safety of our service.
    • Functional cookies and performance: these cookies are not essential, but it helps us personalize and improve your online experience with eShowroom. For example, help us to remember your preferences and to avoid you having to re-enter the information you’ve already provided (for example during the registration phase). We also use cookies to collect information (such as most popular pages, conversion rates, statistics on viewing content, banner ads and access other information) on the use of eShowroom service from our visitors so that we can improve and personalize our website and our service and conduct market research. The elimination of these types of cookies will lead to a limitation of the functionality of our service.
    • Advertising Cookies: These cookies use information about your visit on our site and on other sites, such as the pages you visit, your use of our service or your response to advertising or email, to send you the most interesting advertisements for you. This type of advertising is known as “interest-based advertising.” Many of these advertising cookies associated with our services belong to our service providers.
  3. How can I exercise my options about cookies and other kinds of online tracking? For more information about the cookies spread in our website and other online monitoring systems (including the collection of information from third parties regarding your online activities over time and through third-party websites or online services for the purposes of advertising interest-based) and to exercise your options in this regard, please click here. Currently we do not respond to the signals “do not track” (no monitor) in the browser.
  4. In that way eShowroom uses Web beacons and other technologies? Web beacons (also called clear gifs and pixel tags) are often used in conjunction with cookies. We and our service providers we use for similar purposes to those of the cookie, for example, to profile and improve the use of our service, improve site performance, track the visitor traffic and actions on our site and profile the interactions with our marketing (including advertising messages via email and online on third-party sites). Because web beacons often operate in conjunction with cookies, disabling cookies is likely to impede the proper functioning of Web beacons.
    eShowroom uses similar technology to cookies, such as storage and browser plug-ins (for example, HTML5, IndexedDB, and WebSQL). Such as cookies, some of these technologies can store small amounts of data on your device. We can use these and other technologies for similar purposes to the cookie for the application of our terms of use, to prevent fraud and analyze the use of our service. There are several ways to exercise their own choices about these technologies. For example, many commonly used browsers allow you to erase the information stored in the browser, usually in areas of the settings or preferences; for more information, see the function of your browser’s help or support. The data stored by other technologies, such as Silverlight, can be deleted directly from the application.

Last Update: May 25, 2016