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Women’s clothing

This is the direct experience told by one of our customers who works in the women’s clothing fashion sector and who uses e-Showroom to show collections and receive orders from their agents and customers around the world.

“We are a very dynamic company, we have a vast catalog with diversified brands that are renewed every season and very demanding customers. Before discovering e-Showroom we used the most classic channels to discuss customer requests with the sales force, very often through emails and messages without disdaining the classic hard copy. Thanks to the quality of the products and the efficiency of all our staff, the amount of these requests and orders has grown in a short time to the point of forcing us to explore automated solutions that can help operators in daily commercial management.
So we discovered e-Showroom and to our surprise we realized that everything was ready with the tools we needed: collections, pricelists, diversification of roles between buyers and agents, management of sizes and colors with no limits, illustrated requests and orders. So we activated a trial period in which the e-Showroom support team followed us step by step in compiling the data and creating our first real cloud infrastructure. Today e-Showroom represents the sales tool used by the majority of our agents and we have recently extended the service to all other customers who, through a new dedicated e-showroom, can consult and order the collections in stock.
We are really satisfied with the service that is helping us substantially to dispose of our work and provide better customer service. A special thanks goes to the e-Showroom support team for their kindness and expertise that has greatly accelerated the activation of our online service.


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